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Are Getting Married

April 3rd 2022


It all started in 2012 on a Minecraft server. Eriel was pre-youtube fame and Keren was just trying to make friends on the internet. They instantly hit it off but life had other plans for them and they went their separate ways and lost track of each other for 

about 7 years...


In Sept of 2019 while Eriel was visiting Los Angeles, he wondered, "what did happen to her?" and sent a text. Keren just recently returning from living aboard, saw the message and also was wondering how that guy she met so many years was doing and so

she replied. 


A few months, a pandemic, and a move later on May 22nd 2021 Eriel asked Keren to marry him and in mid-tears she nodded "yes".

Now almost 10 years later they are super excited to head back to Northern California to say "I do" and to share their next chapter

with everyone. 

Our Story

View our wedding online

Can't make it? Catch our wedding and our reception on Youtube! We would be honored to share with the world our special day. We will post a link here as the day nears! 

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